Make your life more beautiful

Our mission is to make people happier through our beautiful designs, colours and fragrances and with our ethical approach to everything we do. At Jique we believe that everything should be fabulous.

We love making things beautiful. Why should a tea towel be boring? Why shouldnt the inside of your fridge be filled with colour? Why can't your home smell amazing? So we search high and low for gorgeous, small batch, ethically produced products to make your home wonderful.

Shop with Ethics

At Jique we're all about bringing you the very best products in the very best way we can. Quality is absolutly paramount to us, we love beautiful things, colourful things, things that smell amazing. We also love our amazing planet.

So we wanted to provide a place where you can buy wonderful goodies for your home without compromising on ethics, without cruelty, without adding single use plastic to our environment, without unnecesarily increasing our carbon footprint AND making sure that money from every single purchase goes back into our beautiful world by supporting charities that are trying to make it a better place for us all. 

So we bring you beautiful scents, gorgeous colours and wonderful, elegant designs. Ethically. Always.

Why Choose Jique

Gorgeous products for your home, all produced with our planet in mind

We want you to have wonderful things for your home that bring you joy! This is our first consideration when sourcing our ethical products. Only the most fabulous products find their way onto our website! And of course only those made with kindness for our planet are even considered.

100% cruelty free

We are against animal testing and ALL our products are made without animal testing or child labour. We are very careful to source materials and products that bring you joy without causing harm to anyone. 

Refusing single use plastic

We abhore single use plastic. Our products are designed around re-use or biodegrading. Our candle jars and tins can be re-used and our wax melts have been through an extensive design process to allow them to be poured into biodegradable PLA, made from vegetable starch. All the products we are working on sourcing will continue to refuse single use plastic, to us this is simply not an option. 

We donate to charity every time you shop

For every single product that is sold, we make a donation to a charity that is working towards making our world a better place. We want you to see where our money is going, so each product has a donation amount of its own, which goes towards our chosen charities

Support small businesses

We are a small busines ourselves, we make all of our candles and melts in our studio in north Hertfordshire. We also work with other small businesses to bring their beautiful goodies to the marketplace, so by shopping at Jique, you are supporting small businesses up and down the country.

Responsibly sourced and biodegradable packaging

It's easy to forget the packaging... all our packing boxes are made using responsibly sourced cardboard, our packing peanuts are biodegradable - they are made from starch and dissolve in water, even our packing tape is made from paper and not plastic.